MinesFree 1.1

Minesweeper in the palm of your hand


  • Bright, colorful graphics
  • Simple gameplay
  • Choose number of mines


  • Lacks option
  • Flagging controls are a little fiddly


Minesweeper must have saved millions of people from dying of boredom over the years. The Windows version is a godsend for anyone ploughing through a boring homework assignment, or entering vast amounts of data into a spreadsheet.

Now Minesweeper can relieve boredom wherever you go, thanks to MinesFree. This Palm version of the classic game challenges you with the task of detecting all the mines using your stylus. To uncover a square you just have to tap on it. If you uncover a mine, you lose the game.

The numbers that you uncover along the way in MinesFree indicate the amount of bombs that are in direct contact with that square. To mark a square you suspect of containing a mine, you need to tap on it and move the stylus to the other side. Unfortunately, this messed up my game a few times when I ended up tapping instead of flagging - so be careful!

There aren't a great many options in MinesFree, but you can select the number of mines at the start of the game using the sliding bar (the range is from 10 to 50).

MinesFree looks nice and is the perfect accompaniment to a long bus journey - just be gentle with that stylus or a bomb will go off in your face!



MinesFree 1.1

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